8 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Underground Pimple

Do you know of someone who went to bed and woke up to the sight of an underground pimple? I bet you do. Most people pray for it to disappear within a short period of time. Normally that doesn't happen as it can last for several painful weeks. Today we share tips on how to get rid of an underground pimple?

If not treated correctly an underground pimple can leave scars. Most people tend to treat them in the same manner they handle a speckle. THIS causes further irritation on the already sensitive skin. - Apollo Mabona, MD.

Seek pro tips for experienced dermatologist or skin care specialist. Your favorite celebrities such as Lili Reinhart often deal with bad breakouts. It can take you several attempts before you find the best way to get rid of an underground pimple.

What is an Underground Pimple?

underground pimple
Underground pimples are known to form underneath the skin. They are not attached to the skin surface and can't be popped the same way that blackhead can be. In the medical world, they are also referred to as cystic acne or zit.

What Causes Underground Pimples?

It's hard to pinpoint specific causes of underground pimples. They can be triggered by the surge of hormones associated with your period. This is according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

A shift in hormonal levels makes the body send oil-producing glands into overdrive. This causes clogged pores and breakouts around the chin and jawline area.

Check your diet as well. Examining your eating habits can help you identify what's causing the pimples. Eating certain food stuff on a daily basis can influence the natural balance of your skin. This can cause inflammation, which eventually quickens the formation of underground pimples.
The best way to determine if the underground pimples are directly related to your intake of high-glycemic diet is to completely cut foods that ranks high on the glycemic index scale out of your diet for a couple of weeks. If you don't develop any new pimples, then this might solve your issue. Mabona recommends.

How To Get Rid of an Underground Pimple

So how do you deflate that bump fast? To get rid of an underground pimple at home, dermatologists recommend following these steps:

1. Wash your skin before treatment.
Be gentle as you wash your skin with a cleanser.

2. Apply ice to reduce pain and swelling.
Once you notice a speckle, enclose ice cubes in a face towel and apply it to the affected area for five minutes twice.

3. Buy and apply thin layer of a product containing 2% benzoyl peroxide to the affected area.
This is to help kill acne causing bacteria. Use a face towel while applying the product.

4. Apply a warm compress once a whitehead begins to appear.
Soak a face towel on hot water and apply on the affected area for 7 to 10 minutes. Ensure the water is not too hot to avoid burning your skin.

5. Repeat the steps above on a daily basis until the underground pimple vanishes.
6. Do not apply homemade treatments solutions that are available online.
7. Don’t apply toothpaste to the area.
8. Do not pop, squeeze or prick the speckle.


If You experience stubborn underground pimples, seek the help of a dermatologist.

Sometimes underground pimples struggle to heal themselves. It’s important to visit a board-certified dermatologist. They help treat the ailment and prevent future breakouts.

Board certified dermatologists like Dr. Sandra Lee can help by recommending treatment options. This includes over-the-counter medication to cortisone shots. They also identify the one that works best for you.

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