Malcom Young Net Worth - Who Gets Malcom Young’s Money After Death?

Malcom Young Net Worth - $110 Million
Malcolm Young began his career as a performing artist when he joined the New South Wales-based band, The Velvet Underground. They did cover songs of their favorite stars from T-Rex and Rolling Stones.
Alongside his more youthful sibling, Angus, they started AC/DC in November 1973. The next year, they began a national visit with artist Dave Evans.
He migrated with the band in United Kingdom in 1976. Malcom has been in the music business for a long time.
After the passing of their lead vocalist Bon Scott in 1980, they recorded the greatest offering collection, Back in Black. From that point forward, he and the folks from AC/DC discharged 17 studio collections, three ARIA honors, and one Grammy Awards.
In April 2014, he turned out to be extremely sick and unfit to perform for the band. Malcom was diagnosed to have dementia and beginning time of lung malignancy.

Who Gets Malcom Young’s Money After Death?

Malcolm Young passed away today aged 64 years after a long fight with dementia, he passed on calmly with his family adjacent, an announcement said.
Malcom will be rememberd for his insane musical capability on guitar riffs that were instrumental in driving the Sydney based duo to fame. His other bro and producer, George Young passed on in October.
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