Types of Abortion

types of abortion

What is Abortion?

Abortion happens when a fetus or embryo is terminated during a pregnancy. According to World Health Organization, over 60 million abortions are performed each year with well over 50,000 deaths caused by unsafe procedures by unskilled individuals.

Types of Abortion

There are several types of abortions that fall under two major categories; Medical abortion that involves the use of an abortion bill as well as surgical abortion that involves quick minor operations.
It is important to have the right information in order to make an informed decision when considering an abortion. The type of abortion procedure used often depends on how long into the pregnancy one is.
Here is a detailed list and description of all the available options considered during an abortion.

Early Medical Abortion

Normally performed between weeks 2 to 10. A drug is taken that causes bleeding, cramps and pelvic pain followed by the termination of the unborn child after hours or days.

Vacuum Aspiration

In this procedure anesthetic is injected into or near the cervix before it is stretched to allow insertion of a tube. The unborn child and placenta is then removed, this is done between weeks 2 and 12 of the pregnancy.

Labor Induction

This procedure is performed when a pregnancy is between 13-22 weeks and may require a stay in the hospital. Drugs are given to the mother than initiate the abortion process in two to four hours after consumption.
Occasionally doctors are forced perform a suction curettage, opening the cervix to completely remove the placenta.

Dilation and Evacuation

This normally happens between weeks 13 and 22. Some spongy stuff is place in the cervix of the mother for a few hours before anesthesia is given. The unborn child and placenta is then removed by the doctor.

Dilation and Extraction

This method of abortion is illegal and can only be used in instances where there is need to save the life of the mother. Its also called partial delivery and is conducted between the 13th and 22nd week of pregnancy.


Hysterectomy is similar to the C Section and is performed when a labor induction fails. It’s conducted between the 22nd and 38th weeks of pregnancy.
The mother’s abdomen and uterus is cut open before the unborn child is killed and removed. Anesthesia is given to the mother before surgery to make her not feel the surgery.
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