TheOdd1sOut Net Worth and Wiki : How Much Money TheOdd1sOut Makes on YouTube

TheOdd1sOut Net Worth

TheOdd1sOut Net Worth and Wiki : How Much Money TheOdd1sOut Makes on YouTube

TheOdd1sOut is a YouTube channel created by James Rallison, an American web comic expert from Arizona. His net worth is an estimated $700,000.
James started the channel in 2014 with the aim of sharing his experiences in Arizona, at work in Subway and how he began drawing cartoons.
TheOdd1sOut has collaborated with YouTube animators such as itsAlexClark, TonyVToons and featured CaptainSparklez as well as iHateEverything on his channel.
James recently found a comic group called OfficialOrgy whose popularity is rapidly growing on Tumblr. It consists of other top animators such as 8BitLiam, CowardlyComics, Blumod, Deezeewy and Doggybag. Their content revolves around sharing individual humorous responses to topics of discussion.
TheOdd1sOut started drawing when he was in the 8th grade, all to impress a girl. His first comic was based on the movie Twilight.

How Much Money TheOdd1sOut Makes on YouTube 

TheOdd1sOut YouTube channel has 3,684,433 subscribers as of early late-August 2017. It has accumulated 31,542,300 video views and 158,016 new subscribers in the last month.
TheOdd1sOut is the 682nd most subscribed channel on YouTube. To date the channel has amassed a total of 511,583,317 video views from its 104 video uploads since launch in August 2014. We estimate an annual income of $380,000 from YouTube ads.
One of jame’s most watched videos Working at Subway has been featured on popular blog Foodbeast. Dave Trumbore recently listed him among five YouTubers poised for mainstream success.
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