Rudy Mancuso Net Worth: How Much Money Rudy Mancuso Makes On YouTube

rudy mancuso net worth
Rudy Mancuso Net Worth - $550,000 
Rudy Mancuso is an internet personality, actor and musician whose net worth is an estimated $550,000.
Rudy rose to fame through popular video app, Vine before shifting his focus to YouTube. His popular channel is managed by Shot Studios.
His content is mainly musical comedy sketches and has featured in films such as YouTube Red’s “Keys of Christmas” together with Dj Khaled and Mariah Carey, HBO’s “Outpost” and Comedy Central’s “Drunk History.
Mancuso was born to an Italian father and Brazilian mother, his first love is music; he has been the opening act in some of Justin Bieber’s concerts. The 25 year old dated actress Maia Mitchell and travels a lot between New York and Los Angeles.

How Much Money Rudy Mancuso Makes On YouTube 

rudy mancuso
Rudy Mancuso YouTube channel is one of the most subscribed channels having 2,827,499 subscribers as of late August 2017 and gained 327,403,490 video views since it launched in September 2011.
The channel has obtained 30,219,900 views in the last month across its 61 videos, which could translates to estimated income of $360,000 from YouTube ads in the next twelve months.
Rudy Mancuso is on an upward trend in terms of subscriptions, having acquired 122,227 new subscribers in the last 30 days.
YouTube’s average pay for 1000 monetizable views is $2 to $5. Approximately 60% of the total views on a video are monetizable. Due to various factors on the web users’ side, approximately 40% – 60% of the views are monetizable depending on your audience.
 Rudy Mancuso net worth is boosted by income from his second channel awkward puppets and sponsorship with companies such as Ford, TBS, Trident Gum and HP.
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