Cobanermani456 Net Worth and Wiki: How Much Money Cobanermani456 Makes on YouTube

Cobanermani456 Net Worth and Wiki

Cobanermani456 Net Worth - $ 1.1 Million

Coban Abrego popularly known as Cobanermani456 is an internet personality best known for gameplay videos. His net worth is an estimated $1.1 Million.
Cobanermani’s main focus games are from the Sonic and Mario franchises and is based in Dallas, Texas. He likes to post sonic generation mods.
Abrego has been able to keep a low profile and very little is known about him. One thing we do know about his is that he has a sister and a girlfriend.
Coban’s father is a sonic voice actor, something he aspires to do in the near future. He is a member of TheTenManClan.

How Much Money Cobanermani456 Makes on YouTube 

Cobanermani456 YouTube channel is well subscribed having acquired 1,219,411 subscribers as of mid-August 2017 and has garnered 869,827,093 views since launch in April 2010.
The channel has acquired 6,733,920 views in the last month across its 2,617 videos, which translates to estimated revenue of $100,000 annually.
Cobanermani456 is on an upward trend in terms of subscriptions and has risen by 10,148 subscribers in the last one month.
Coban’s net worth might be higher that you expected, this is because he is earns extra from sponsorship deals.