iJustine Net Worth : How Much Money iJustine Makes On YouTube

ijustine net worth

iJustine Net Worth - $2 Million

Justine Ezarik popularly known as iJustine is a YouTube star and actress. iJustine net worth is around $2 million.
Ezarik came to the limelight as a lifecaster who communicated directly with her fans through her channel, iJustine.tv
Her main content is mainly tech, video games and vlogs. The 33 year old will be an advisor to Arnold Schwarzenegger on the reality show, The New Celebrity Apprentice.
iJustine’s “300-page iPhone bill” video went viral in 2007 and was once ranked among top 1000 twitter users with over 1.8 followers.
Justine has starred on The Annoying Orange YouTube show as well as featuring on TV shows such Criminal Minds, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Vampire Diaries, and The Bold and the Beautiful.

How Much Money iJustine Makes On YouTube

iJustine YouTube channel has close to 3.7 million subscribers as of early May 2017 and has accumulated 631,164,920 views since May 2006.
She uploads fifteen to twenty videos a month. In the last month, the channel has gained 18,811,860 video views and 96,348 new subscribers.
iJustine net worth is boosted by sales profit of her book I, Justine and sponsored posts on Instagram.
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