Faze Rug Net Worth: How Much is Faze Rug Worth?

Faze Rug Net Worth

Faze Rug Net Worth Overview

Faze Rug born Brian Awadis is an internet personality best known for his prank videos and vlogs on YouTube. In 2018, Faze Rug net worth is around $1.6 Million.
Faze Rug is also the director of a popular gaming group, Faze Clan alongside Faze Dirty. He started off his career while in college making it a full-time job as soon as it took off.
He occasionally uploads Call of Duty gameplay videos. He was born in San Diego, California in a family of four that includes his brother Brawadis, parents’ papa rug and mama rug real name still unknown to us. His parents are from Iraq.
Brian has worked with several other YouTube big wigs like PewDiePie and Ricegum and has featured on the popular #dramaalert. Faze rug Bosley, his pet dog was diagnosed with depression in 2015.

How Much is Faze Rug Worth?

faze rug logo
faze rug logo
Faze Rug YouTube channel is one of the noteworthy subscribed channels having 5,443,645 subscribers as of mid-May 2017 and has gained 947,726,396 views since it launched in July 2012.
The channel has obtained 75,538,500 views in the last month across its 1004 video uploads. We estimate the channel will rake in around $900,000 over the next twelve months. It is on an upward trend in terms of subscriptions, it has acquired 341,176 new subscribers in the last 30 days.
YouTube’s average pay for 1000 monetized views is $2 to $5. Approximately 60% of the total views on a video are monetized. Due to various factors on the web users’ side, approximately 40% – 60% of the views are monetized depending on your audience.


Faze Rug net worth has been boosted by income from his other ventures like prize money from competitive gaming, merchandise sales like the faze carpet and sponsorship deals. His Range Rover is proof that you can make a tonne of money online.
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