David Dobrik Net Worth : How Much Money David Dobrik Makes On YouTube

david dobrik net worth

David Dobrik Net Worth - $1.8 Million 

David Dobrik is a YouTube star from Chicago, Illinois. He runs a self-titled channel and has an estimated net worth of $1.8 million.
David Dobrik first made it on vine before shifting his focus to YouTube. He had earned over 1.3 million followers on the 6 second video app before it was shut down.
The 21 year old is also big on other social websites like instagram and twitter which he uses to market his stuff. His popularity is rapidly growing especially among the ladies who find him charming.
David Dobrik is currently dating Liza Koshy, they have been a together since they first met in 2015. He has three siblings; Toby, Ester and Sara.

How Much Money David Dobrik Makes On YouTube

david dobrik and liza koshy
David Dobrik Net Worth
David Dobrik YouTube channel has just surpassed 5 million subscribers in mid September 2017 and has accumulated 1,354,383,690 views since December 2014.
He uploads ten to twenty videos a month. In the last month, the channel has gained 103,945,800 video views and 262,949 new subscribers.
Dobrik has collaborated with Bren Lunn, Jake Webber, Cameron Kasper and Jack Dytrych on another YouTube channel called Second Class.
YouTube’s average pay for 1000 monetized views is $2 to $5. Approximately 60% of the total views on a video are monetized. Due to various factors on the web users’ side, approximately 40% – 60% of the views are monetized depending on your audience.
David Dobriks net worth is boosted by income from sponsored posts and product placements.
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