This is The No. 1 Thing You Should Do To Get Rich, According To Robert Kiyosaki

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Everybody is thinking of getting rich in the world. Unfortunately, they are not informed how. Robert Kiyosaki is a prolific writer who highlights one thing that if done one gets rich.
The concept of getting rich is to obtaining a lot of money, but rich people are not looking for money! Rather, they get it as a reward. Rich education is paramount. The end of school is the beginning of the education.

Great brain 

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Scholar Robert holds that Education is a prerequisite that helps make brains that earn money to become rich. But again, people have succeeded without sitting in class to undertake formal education or even are destitute.
There is the education after school people like Bill pursued, and they are now richest billionaires.


School provides you with confidence. As you continue going to school, you can postpone facing life issues until when stable. Getting formal education gives you guarantee that at the end there is a job.
However, you must accept that not all the people have the college education have jobs and are rich. Furthermore, some have no education, yet they are rich.

Financial education 

This education is important to the consumers to help themselves have an understanding of taxes and debts. These two items are paramount for one to become rich or poor. Education is the answer to the frequently asked question; which one thing should I do to get rich?
The school system makes us fear to make mistakes because it is punishable. But how many people have become wealthy from their mistakes? Many mistakes have taught much, and that is why Robert and Trump are at their comfortable positions.
This notion is a kind of education that most people don't even think. Moreover, without school education, the next level education is challenging because it laid a foundation for mistakes where people learn.
Finally, the young people should receive education if the gap between the poor and rich must be reduced down. Financial education is detrimental as it teaches on how to deal with money and get rich as soon as planned.
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