Matthew Santoro Net Worth : How Much Money Matthew Santoro Makes On YouTube

Matthew Santoro net worth

Matthew Santoro Net Worth - $1.5 Million 

Matthew Santoro is a Canadian YouTube star best known for his informational videos. Matthew Santoro net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.
On his main channel, Santoro uploads top ten list and 50 amazing facts videos. He also runs a vlog channel, and is said to have deleted his gaming channel last year.
Matthew Santoro was born and raised in Ontario, Canada but now resides in Los Angeles. One of his recent videos; My Abuse Story went viral after he shared how his manipulative partner had abused him physically and psychologically.
Matthew worked as accountant but quit his job to concentrate on YouTube after realizing it could generate a steady income.

How Much Money Matthew Santoro Makes On YouTube 

Matthew Santoro
Matthew Santoro YouTube channel has 5,815,864 subscribers as of early April 2017 and has accumulated over 905 million views since launch in February 2010.
Santoro uploads twenty to thirty videos a month. In the last month, the channel has gained 27,791,010 video views and 50,567 new subscribers.
MatthewSantoro2, his second YouTube channel has 870,995 subscribers as of early April 2017 and accumulated over 34k views since launch in September 2010. We estimate an income of $340,000 from the two channels over the next twelve months.
Matthew Santoro net worth is boosted by sales profits from his book sales.
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