The Absolute Best Gadgets and Apps For A Healthy Long-Distance Relationship

Best Gadgets and Apps For A Healthy Long-Distance Relationship
For a long time, it has been difficult for couples who are a distance away from one another to be closer. But the invention of technology has made this a challenge anymore because the distance has been made smaller and you can reach your lover any time you feel. This list provides the gadgets and apps that will make long distance relationships healthier.


Kissinger is a robot that enables partners to feel one another lips as they are kissing. Kissinger connects the partners through a "physical interface enabling kiss communication."

Touch room 

The touch room app will help couples to feel the touch of comfort (hugs) from their partners. Download this app and create a "Touch room, " and you will always see the touch of your partner and add your hand-print, and you will feel loved.

Kiiroo onyx+ pearl 

This is an excellent sex toy for long distance to make sex possible. This will bring a real and intimate feeling for partners to bring out an experience.

Pillow talk 

This gadget will enable partners to feel the real heartbeat of your loved one over the internet. This device put under the pillow, and each of you wears a wristband which picks and transmits them through the speaker.

Free international texting 

You can download the international texting app, and you can be freely texting with your sweetheart who is away from you.

Share photos 

Photo sharing has been made easier in social networking. Your photos can be sent as paper postcards through the post gram to your lover from Instagram as sketching will help you draw, edit and add photos to share with you lover.


This app will allow you to text one another from different countries without spending much. Finally, you don't have to be worried about how to make your relationship healthier from a distance. Just try these devices and apps, and you will always feel close to each other.
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