7 Photos Captured at the Perfect Time

Timing always plays an important role when taking photos. While surfing the internet I have often come across some fascinating photos that look funny and too good to be true.
We often plan our shots and still miss our expectations; randomly taken photos at times capture implausible detail you would never have thought of.
Here’ s a list of some of the most hilarious and amazing photos captured at the perfect time.

#1 Dog in a bubble

dog in a bubble
Credits : @Fizzgig11

#2 Roller coaster goes to space

roller coaster goes to space
Credits : @Octacle

#3 Man's hand on girls shoulder

mans hand on girls shoulder
Credits : imgur

#4 Moon in Dubai

moon in dubai
Credits : @losingmymojo

#5 Waves cresting

waves cresting
Credits : @SirJukesALot

#6 That yawn!

Credits : @verguy

#7 Fire girl

fire girl
Credits : @Jiryn

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