4 Reasons Why The Rich Live Longer Than The Poor

why the rich live longer

Do rich people live longer? 

According to a recent study conducted by Brookings Institute, the richest 10% of Americans possibly will live an average of 14 years longer than the poorest 10%.
The research went further to state that life expectancy gap is widening. For example, between men born in 1920 - 1950, life expectancy grew by 0.7 years for the poor, compared to 8.1 years for the rich.
Here are some of the reasons why the rich live longer than the poor.


Data collected for some time now tends to suggest that there is a strong relationship between the privileged or wealthy and the longevity of their lives. The Journal of the American Medical Association has gone further to share its findings based on Geographical analysis.
While the rich live longer in virtually all the regions, it was discovered that the poor lived shorter lives than the middle class in a few regions.
The New York Times reported last year that poor people live longest in cities like New York, San Jose and Miami. Las Vegas and Detroit seemed to have accommodated the shortest life expectancy.


A study conducted by U.S. News aimed at finding out whether there is a correlation between education and long life found that persons with healthy lifestyles were in most cases more educated.
This is what George Valliant, a professor at the Harvard Medical School had to say after extensive research on the subject matter.
Education is one of the greatest determining factors of life expectancy. A 4 year college degree can lengthen life significantly

Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol 

A decline in smoking among the rich over the past few years has led to longer life expectancy; the same cannot be said of the poor.
According to Annual Review of Sociology, poor people are prone to excessive consumption of alcohol and abuse of drugs. This as you know often leads to short lives.

Access to health care 

Contrary to popular opinion and perception, there is little connection between long life and medical spending or individuals with medical insurance covers.


National Cancer Institute claims consistent adequate excise can add up to four and half years to your life.
Research has shown that persons who are financially well-off can make time for excise unlike poor individuals. For the reason that the poor have bad diets and excise habits, they are likely to be stressed and obese; known causes of shorter life spans.
Live long
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