Simply Nailogical Net Worth - How Much Money Simply Nailogical Makes On YouTube

Simply Nailogical Net Worth

Simply Nailogical Net Worth - $900,000 

Simply Nailogical YouTube channel is run by Canadian internet personality Cristine Rotenberg. Her net worth is around $900,000 in 2017.
Simply Nailogical videos are about nails; from do it yourself videos on nails, nail polishing hacks, nail arts, Q&A sessions and nail product reviews.
She has a master’s degree in Sociology with specialization in Criminology. Cristine works as a crime statistics analyst for the Canadian government when she is not doing YouTube videos.

How Much Money Simply Nailogical Makes On YouTube 

Simply Nailogical
Simply Nailogical YouTube channel has 3,455,827 subscribers as of early March 2017. Since launch in June 2014, the channel has gained over 400 million video views.
In the last 30 days the channel has gained 27,104,010 views as well as 121,346 new subscribers. We estimate $550,000 as the annual income from YouTube ads.
Since Cristine uploads quality content for a highly targeted audience, it safe to say her revenues will shoot in the coming days as the channel grows.
Simply Nailogical net worth is boosted by income from merchandise sales and doing sponsored post for several companies on her social accounts.
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