Jess and Gabriel Net Worth : How Much Money Jess and Gabriel Make On YouTube

Jess and Gabriel Net Worth

Jess and Gabriel Net Worth - $350,000 

Jess and Gabriel Conte is the celebrity couple behind the popular YouTube vlogging channel. Their net worth is an estimated $350,000.
Jess is a singer and beauty guru; she also runs her personal channel called BauerBirds. Her popularity quickly rose after doing popular cover songs of artists like Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and Jessie J.
Gabriel first made it on vine before turning his focus to YouTube. He joined Florida State University to pursue a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in acting, but dropped out to focus on social media full-time.
While Gabriel is talented in video content creation, his wife Jess makes graphics design tasks look effortlessly easy.

How Much Money Jess and Gabriel Make On YouTube 

Jess and Gabriel
Jess and Gabriel YouTube channel has 1,143,022 subscribers as of late March 2017 and has gained over 72 million video views since it was launched in August 2016.
Jess and Gabriel channel has attracted 12,380,700 video views in the last 30 days across its 75 videos, translating to estimated annual income of $160,000. It has grown by 87,556 subscribers in the last month.
YouTube’s average pay for 1000 monetizable views is USD 2 to USD 5. Approximately 60% of the total views on a video are monetizable. Due to various factors on the web users’ side, approximately 40% – 60% of the views are monetizable depending on your audience.
There is no doubt one day they will among the highest paid social media stars.
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