Chris Smoove Net Worth - How Much Money Chris Smoove Makes On YouTube

Chris Smoove Net Worth

Chris Smoove Net worth - $1.7 Million 

Chris Smoove formely known as Smoove7182954 is an American YouTube gamer. Chris Smoove net worth is around $1.7 million in 2017.
His favorite video games include call to duty, NBA 2K and Watch Dogs. Smoove’s auto tuned catchy phrase “splash” and hosting NBA, MLB stars like Tony Parker, John Wall and David Ortiz have helped boost his popularity in the gaming community.
Chris Smove does walkthroughs of story based video games like Batman, Assassin’s creed and the witcher 3. He was awarded Machinima Sports Best Commentary of 2010

How Much Money Chris Smoove Makes On YouTube 

Chris Smoove
Chris Smoove YouTube channel has 3,364,597 subscribers and gained close to 1.5 billion video views as of late February 2017. With 3,186 video uploads and counting, the channel has obtained 40,299,300 video views and 45,271 new subscribers in the last 30 days. We estimate an annual income of around $650,000 for this channel.
Chris Smoove net worth is boosted by merchandise sales profits from his website.
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