Angry Grandpa Net Worth : How Much Money The Angry Grandpa Show Makes On YouTube

Angry Grandpa Net Worth

Angry Grandpa Net Worth - $1.3 Million

The Angry Grandpa Show Youtube channel is run by internet personality Charles Marvin Green Jr. His net worth is around $1.3 million.
Angry Grandpa’s content revolves around pranks, temper tantrums, cooking sessions and testing out new junk food. The channel has often created online rage with viewers claiming its content is staged and fake.
Michael Green a.k.a Pickleboy has more than once stated that his father’s angry reactions are caused by bipolar disorder and anger issues. Some of the most viral videos include THE CONDOM CHALLENGE PRANK, ANGRY GRANDPA DESTROYS PS4, ANGRY GRANDPA’S NEW HOUSE! and THE WALKING DEAD PRANK.
Green runs a secondary channel called Grandpa's Corner and features a lot on his sons channel KidBehindaCamera. Michael was married to Tina Marie Sharp Green who filed for divorce in 2012.

How Much Money The Angry Grandpa Show Makes On YouTube

The Angry Grandpa Show YouTube channel has 3,119,359 subscribers as of late March 2017 and has accumulated 758,255,096 views since June 2010.
He uploads an average of four to six videos a month. In the last month, the channel has gained 13,248,600 video views and 46,677 new subscribers. We estimate that the channel will rake in an estimated $250,000 over the next twelve months.
Angry Grandpa net worth is boosted by merchandise sales profits from his website.
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