SmarterEveryDay Net Worth - How Much Money SmarterEveryDay Makes On YouTube

SmarterEveryDay Net Worth

SmarterEveryDay Net Worth - $2.3 Million 

SmarterEveryDay is an educative YouTube channel run by Destin Sandlin. In 2017, his estimated net worth is $2.3 million.
SmarterEveryDay owner holda a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering graduate from University of Alabama. He is an engineer by profession.
Destin Sandlin also graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the same university. He is an employee of Redstone Arsenal and works as a Missile Flight Test Engineer.
Sandlin’s content is mainly educational videos on scientific exploration and discovery. Destin occasionally shares his engineering knowledge. In most cases, he ends is presentation with a bible verse.

How Much Money SmarterEveryDay Makes On YouTube 

SmarterEveryDay Youtube Channel
SmarterEveryDay YouTube channel is one of the most noteworthy subscribed channels having 4,678,795 subscribers as of Valentine’s day 2017 and has gained 355,083,239 views since it launched.
The channel obtains an average of 907,776 monthly views across its 251 videos, which translates to estimated annual revenue of $140,000.
SmarterEveryDay is on an upward trend in terms of subscriptions and is rising by an average of 87,000 monthly subscribers.
SmarterEveryDay net worth might be higher that you expected, this is because it is supplemented by the salary he is paid from the his lucrative job.
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