QrewTV Net Worth - How Much Money QrewTV Makes On YouTube

Qwerty Net Worth

QrewTV Net Worth - $250,000 

QrewTV YouTube channel is owned by Qias Omar. In 2017, his net worth is estimated to be $250,000. 
QrewTV video content mainly revolves around a specific niche, review of sneaker shoes. Most of the reviews are done during his shopping ventures.
Other than QrewTV, Qias runs two other channels namely QiasOmar and Qrew Kicks.

How Much Money QrewTV Makes On YouTube 

Qwerty Youtube Channel
QrewTV YouTube channel has 613,343 subscribers as of valentine’s day 2017. Since launch in March 2012, the channel has gained over 110,977,000 video views.
In the last 30 days the channel has gained 3.8 million views as well as 36,720 new subscribers. We estimate $140,000 as the annual income from YouTube ads.
QrewTV net worth is also boosted by the supplementing revenue he obtains from his other channels.
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