Ohnickel Net Worth - How Much Money Ohnickel Makes On YouTube

Ohnickel Net Worth

Ohnickel Net Worth - $280,000 

Ohnickel YouTube channel is run by Nickel whose net worth is estimated to be $280,000 in 2017.
Ohnickel channel content revolves around commentary videos on gaming topics such as Overwatch, Pokemon and CS GO.
Nickel is a US citizen and deploys new content on a daily basis.

How Much Money Ohnickel Makes On YouTube 

Ohnickel Youtube Channel
Ohnickel YouTube channel was created in Feb 2013 and through hard work Nickel has been able to attract over 690,000 subscribers as of Valentine ’s Day 2017.
The channel has acquired over 91.8 million views across her 249 video uploads; he is not slowing down yet.
Ohnickel acquires an average of 4.9 million monthly views and 35,000 new subscribers, which is moderate. We estimate an annual income of about $120,000 from YouTube ads.
Ohnickel net worth is expected to rise in the coming months even as his subscriber base rises.
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