MyLifeAsEva Net Worth - How Much Money MyLifeAsEva Makes On YouTube

MyLifeAsEva Net Worth

MyLifeAsEva Net Worth - $800 Million

MyLifeAsEva is a YouTube channel run by the beautiful Eva Gutowski. MyLifeAsEva net worth is an estimated $800 million in 2017.
MyLifeAsEva is well known to provide tutorials on makeup, beauty and fashion for teens and young adults.
Eva Gutowski has become very popular most probably because of her good understanding of the industry. She trains her audience how to dress up for the season as well as matching accessories. She also recommends make up products and demonstrates how to use them.
Eva has done music and comic videos in the past. Her first videos were meant for her friends but she proceeded to make it a career as the channel grew.

How Much Money MyLifeAsEva Makes On YouTube

MyLifeAsEva YouTube channel has over 7.6 million subscribers as of late February 2017 and gained 619,347,360 views since it was launched in August 2011.
MyLifeAsEva channel has acquired 12,640,620 video views in the last 30 days across its 207 videos, translating to an estimated annual income of $300,000. It has grown by 66,516 subscribers in the last month, a dropping figure.
Eva is said to have been dating photographer Adam Bartoshesky since beginning of 2016.
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