Lance Stewart Net Worth - How Much Money Lance Stewart Makes On YouTube

Lance Stewart Net Worth - $2.8 Million

Lance Stewart succeeded on Vine before venturing into other social sites. Lance Stewart net worth is an estimated $2.8 million.
Lance Stewart was born Pennsylvania USA on 20 June 1996 (age 19 years). His Vine channel has recently surpassed 6 million followers.
It’s My Money and I Need It Now post on vine generated over 900,000 likes and 800,000 revines making him an overnight celebrity. He is also big on Instagram with 4 million followers.
Lance Stewart’s content is mostly short funny videos. He often features his sister Sabrina Stewart, Grand mom, parents and girlfriend Lizzy.
Lance Stewart bought his father a red Corvette Zo6 on his 50th birthday as a thank you for the sacrifices he made while raising him up.

How Much Money Lance Stewart Makes On YouTube 

Lance Stewart YouTube Channel has over 2.5 million subscribers since launch in February 2014.
Total video views since launch stands at 442 million, in the last one month the channel has attracted 1,855,944 views and 116,841 new subscribers.
We estimate that the channel earns an estimated $450,000 annually from YouTube ads.
Lance Stewart net worth is boosted by merchandise sales e.g t-shirts as well as lucrative sponsorship deals with companies.
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