Jeffreestar Net Worth - How Much Money Jeffreestar Makes On YouTube

Jeffreestar Net Worth

Jeffreestar Net Worth - $5 Million 

Jeffreestar is a make-up artist, model, fashion designer and singer. Jeffreestar net worth is an estimated $5 million.
Jeffreestar released his music on MySpace which received 25 million plays. He went on to release his debut album Beauty Killer in 2009.
Jeffreestar was born in Los Angeles, California. He used his mom’s make up on himself, experimenting and learning all about makeup at a younger age.
He runs a fashion line called Beauty Forever and is famed for his transgender persona, he is dating Nathan Schwandt.
On his YouTube channel he reviews makeup products from different brands, offers make up tutorials and gives his take on the latest happenings in fashion and beauty industry.

How Much Money Jeffreestar Makes On YouTube 

Jeffreestar YouTube channel has 3.7 million plus subscribers as of mid February 2017. Since launch on Valentine’s Day 2006, the channel has gained over 355.2 million video views.
In the last 30 days the channel has gained 16,637,280 views as well as 196,556 new subscribers. We estimate $1.2 million as the annual income from YouTube ads.
Jeffreestar net worth is boosted by his professional makeup services, product sales from his brand as well as music and tours.
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