GunVsGun Net Worth - How Much Money GunVsGun Makes On YouTube

GunVsGun Net Worth

GunVsGun Net Worth – $1.4 Million 

GunVsGun Youtube channel was started by Canadian brothers Tommy and Danny. GunVsGun net worth is an estimated $1.4 million.
GunVsGun brothers also run separate channels namely Terrible Tommy and Danny Gun.
Nerf Gun wars, unboxing, doing reviews and twisted comedy is their primary content. Basically their content revolves around Nerf Guns.
Tommy has accumulated noteworthy kill total against his brother, with an obvious majority in all GunVsGun battles. He is never seen without his trademark hair, which gives the impression of a borrowing from rock stars in the 1980s.

How Much Money GunVsGun Makes On YouTube 

GunVsGun YouTube channel has just surpassed 2 million subscribers as of mid-February 2017. It accumulates an average of 36.5 million views and 165,300 new subscribers every month.
GunVsGun is the 1206th most subscribed channel on YouTube. To date the channel has amassed a total of 773,009,803 views from its 220 video uploads.
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