BeautyTakenIn Net Worth - How Much Money BeautyTakenIn Makes On YouTube

BeautyTakenIn Net Worth

BeautyTakenIn Net Worth - $850,000

BeautyTakenIn YouTube channel was created by Julia Gilman whose net worth is an estimated $850,000 in 2017.
Julia Gilman was born and raised in Los Angeles, California to parents of white ethnicity. While Gilman has been able to manage and keep her personal life from the public, all we know is that she grew up with her younger brother Blake.
Julia Gilman gained popularity after attending the 2013 BeautyCon event.

How Much Money BeautyTakenIn Makes On YouTube 

Julia Gilman Net Worth
BeautyTakenIn YouTube channel is closing in on 2.4 million subscribers as of mid-February 2017. It accumulates an average of 5.09 million views and 149,000 new subscribers every month.
BeautyTakenIn is the 1036th most subscribed channel on YouTube. To date the channel has amassed a total of 169,506,963 views from its 257 video uploads.
BeautyTakenIn net worth is boosted through brand endorsement with companies like DickiesGirl, Best Fiends, Opinion Outpost, Jamba Juice and Jott.
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