Salomondrin Net Worth - How Much Money Does Salomondrin Make on YouTube?

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Salomondrin Net Worth - $16 Million 

Salomondrin YouTube Channel is run by Alejandro Salomon, a US citizen with Mexican roots. His net worth is estimated to be $16 million in 2017.
Salomondrin has curved a niche for himself; he mainly uploads content related to cars. Alejandro also has a Vlog in which he shares stuff about his personal life and experiences.
Before creating the huge loyal YouTube fan base, Alejandro generated income by working in the commercial real estate, dairy industry, entertainment industry and technology world. His major breakthrough was in real estate.

How Much Money Does Salomondrin Make on YouTube? 

Salomondrin Net Worth
Salomondrin YouTube channel has over 658,211 subscribers as of mid September 2017 and has accumulated over 132 million views since launch in April 2010.
His channel is fast gaining popularity in recent days and is attracting over 11 million monthly views across its 260+ videos. It’s growing by an average of 24,000 monthy subscribers a figure that is modest enough.
Salomondrin net worth is greatly boosted by the income he gets from Car Manufacturer for reviewing and marketing their products. we estimate that he makes around $300,000 dollars annually on Google Adsense.
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