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Rafsanjani Cause of Death and Net Worth

Rafsanjani Akbar Hashemi was the fourth Iranian president; his net worth is estimated to be $1 billion and declining.
Rafsanjani Akbar Hashemi was a writer and influencial politician before serving as president between August 1989 and August 1997.
Rafsanjani adopted a liberal economy that supported a privatization policy against more state-owned economic inclinations.
He is credited with Iran’s reconstruction and economic recovery after the 1980-1989 war with rivals Iraq. Akbar improved relations with Arab states, central Asia and western countries.
Rafsanjani gave humanitarian aid to victims of conflict in Iran and shelter to Kuwaiti refugees. Forbes named him as one of the personalities in Iran.

Who Gets Rafsanjani Money? After Death

Rafsanjani family inherited their name from Haj Hashem, one of the Nogh's real estate moguls. He assumed the position of head family-run pistachio business, which matured to become one of Iran's leading exporters providing the financial base for a business empire that would eventually include vast real estate holdings, an auto assembly plant, construction companies and a private airline.
Rafsanjani is now deceased, having succumbed to a heart attack on 8th January 2008 aged 82 years. Even with his high net worth one thing is for sure, the wealth will remain in the family.
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