Push to talk Skype - How to Setup a Push to Talk Button in Skype


Push to talk Skype - How to Setup a Push to Talk Button in Skype 

Skype has grown in reputation as the main software gamers use to communicate while playing games but the common challenge to most users is how to setup a push to talk button.
Push to Talk Skype button ensures your viewers on the other end don't hear you talking to yourself all the time! We have offered you step by step and video guide, choose the one that suits you.

Tap on your Skype Icon so that it can launch the program. On Skype’s top window there is an option that written 'Tools'.
Left click the option and a drop down menu will show up. Move the mouse pointer to Options and click to continue.See photo below
Push to talk Skype
Once you have clicked Option, another menu will appear on the left window, Click the very last option at the bottom indicated as Advanced Option. See photo below
enable Push to talk Skype button
Now click on the Advanced Option and a little drop down menu will appear. Left click Hotkeys and a window will pop up in the Skype box on the right of the menu selection. See photo below for guidance
push to talk

Ensure you now check the box 'Toggle Mute (Push-to-talk) and click 'Change Selected Shortcut' thereafter. In the next window that appears change the key bind to your liking, one that makes you comfortable. Skype allows you to use Shift, Ctrl and Alt.
This is the most important step that’s confusing. Ensure you exit the settings tab and call a friend or resume conversation to ensure everything is working fine.
Toggle mute option should now appear at the bottom of the skype window. Left click the option to mute yourself.
Now when using Push to talk key better known as toggle mute key, you will unmute yourself and it will work just like push to talk works in Ventrilo program.
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