Domo and Crissy Net Worth – How Much Money Does Domo and Crissy Make on YouTube?

Domo and Crissy worth

Domo and Crissy Net Worth - $550,000 

Domo Wilson and Crissy Daniel is the couple behind Domo and Crissy YouTube channel. In 2017, the couple’s estimated net worth is $550,000. 
Domo and Crissy announced their engagement September last year. Earlier, around July Domo stated she was expectant saying she had visited the sperm bank in Chicago.
After noting down the features she desired for her child, a sperm donor was identified and procedure conducted. She recorded the whole process and uploaded it on YouTube.
So when did the talented lesbian duo decide to come out? Well, a note Crissy had written for Domo fell into the wrong hands while in High school. That’s when Crissy felt it was important for her mom to hear from her first, since then they’ve never hidden their affection for each other.
Domo is an energetic Comedian, singer and song writer. She travels around the United States, hosting music events and performing in clubs. Her other passion is giving motivational speeches in schools.

How Much Money Does Domo and Crissy Make on YouTube? 

Domo and Crissy
Domo and Crissy, their main channel has 1.47 million subscribers so far. It’s gained 114.5 million views since launch in January 2016.
The channel has obtained over 15 million views and 161 new subscribers in the last one month. The growth has been tremendous considering the channel is a year old.
The secondary Vlog channel has close to 850,000 subscribers and attracts an average 30,000 every month. We estimate a total income of about $180,000 annually.
Domo and Crissy net worth is greatly boosted by the creativity in their work. I CHEATED ON CRISSY! Prank video and Delivering A Baby The Same Way It Was Conceived are some of their best performing uploads.
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