David Blaine Net Worth – How Much Money is David Blaine Worth?

david blaine net worth

David Blaine Net Worth – $13 Million 

David Blaine is a famous magician and illusionist. Blaine’s estimated net worth is $13 million. 
David Blaine was born to William Perez and the late Patrice Maureen White on April 1973 (age 43 years) in Brooklyn, New York.
David Blaine has set and broken several world records. When he was four years, he saw an illusionist entertaining travelers in the subway; he was baffled by the act and gained a lifelong interest.
Blaine is married to Alizee Guinochet in 2011 they were blessed with a daughter. There was bad weather on the day of their daughter’s birth, how they made it to the hospital is a story for another day.
David’s talent has taken him places; he has performed for several world leaders and celebrities including former President Bill Clinton and secretary of state Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, former President George Bush, Michael Bloomberg, Henry Kissinger and Michael Jackson.
He holds the Guinness World Record of oxygen-assisted static apnea, spending 17 minutes and 4 seconds under water. This he accomplished on April 30th, 2008 when he appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show. 
His other crazy acts involve buried alive, frozen in time, The Upside Down Man and Drowned Alive.

How Much Money is David Blaine Worth?

david blaine
Television appearance have contributed to the high David Blaine net worth, this is because he gains lots of publicity hence more money.
David has appeared on NBC with television specials like David Blaine: Street Magic and What is Magic.
Blaine has also appeared on ABC with television specials like Beyond Magic and Real or Magic.
David Blaine has written an autobiography of himself called Mysterious Stranger: A Book of Magic. In the book, he also shares trick to performing magic.
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