Daily Bumbs Net Worth - How Much Money Does Daily Bumbs Make on YouTube?

daily bumps net worth

Daily Bumps Net Worth Overview 

Daily Bumps YouTube channel is run by Brian and Missy Lanning. Daily Bumps net worth is estimated to be $5.5 million as of 2017.
Daily Bumps duo i.e Brian and Missy Lanning also feature their sons Finley and Oliver as well as their pets; Australian Shepard dog, Karma and Zuri the cat. The daily Bumps videos are all about the daily experiences of the now celebrity family. They are based in California.
Daily Bumps started out in on the last day of 2012 after Missy Lanning suffered a miscarriage. Her main aim was to reach out to mothers experiencing stillbirths.
We’re not perfect, We’ve gone through a lot as a couple, Things haven’t been as great as they are now. We’ve had our ups and downs 
Bryan and Missy have often described themselves as God-fearing Christians. Before the YouTube success, Brian worked as a photographer while Missy was an office worker.

How Much Money Does Daily Bumps Make on YouTube?

daily bumps

Daily Bump's channel has accumulated a staggering 134,722,800 video views in the last 30 days. After acquiring 93,800 new subscribers in the same period, the channel’s subscriber count now stands at 2.3 million.
From the 1,537 videos uploads so far, the channel has amassed 1.57 billion views since launch. This basically means that each video averages a million views, wow!
Daily Bumps recent success has made estimating how much they rake in it a bit tricky. We estimate their annual income to be around $2.2 million and expect it to sharply rise if the traffic flow remains constant or surges.


Daily Bumps net worth is boosted by merchandise sales i.e T-shirts and other supplementary sources.
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