DanTDM net worth - How Much Money DanTDM Makes On YouTube

DanTDM net worth - $9 million

DanTDM created TheDiamondMinecart YouTube channel, his real names are Daniel Middleton and has an estimated net worth is $9 million.
DanTDM has focused on the hit game Minecraft, the game he loves to play the most. With frequent reviews and game-play videos on the channel, he has been able to attract a large and loyal fan base.
At some point earlier in the year his YouTube channel was the most watched in the world.
Daniel Middleton was born in born November, 1991 (age 25 years) to British parents in Aldershot, England and is the eldest of two siblings.
DanTDM started out by posting Pokemon videos before switching to Minecraft, his main target audience being children. He was a student then at Northampton University (2012).
Daniel has regular featured at Insomnia gaming festival, notably in editions 49, 52 and 53. He is a two time winner of Kid's Choice Awards and UK Tipster Award.
DanTDM holds the world record in Rocket League as the top scorer in 'rookie' mode on 2v2 multiplayer. He also boasts the top record holder for the most views for a dedicated Minecraft video channel.
Daniel Middleton dated and married his girlfriend Jemma in 2013. Her YouTube nickname is JemPlaysMC. He broke his hand in September, 2015.

How Much Money DanTDM Makes on Youtube

TheDiamondMinecart YouTube channel has 13,365,948 subscribers as of December 2016 accumulating over 8,771,674,419 video views across its 2,260 video uploads.
DanTDM uploads a video as regular as daily, signifying how committed he is to his career and passion. His gaming channel acquires a monthly average of 189,693,000 video views and 329,000 new subscribers.
DanTDM makes around $5.5 million a year. TheDiamondMinecart gaming Channel generates more income from merchandise sales and other product/brand promotions.
Middleton signed a deal with Trapeze to publish a graphic novel called DanTDM: Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal which he released on October 6, 2016. It’s expected that its sales will highly boost his net worth.
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