Markiplier Net worth – How Much Money Does Markiplier Make On Youtube?

markiplier net worth

Markiplier Net Worth - $5.5 million

Markiplier is an American YouTube personality, actor and comedian. He has an estimated net worth of $5.5 million.
Mark Edward Fischbach is his real names, born on 28th June 1989 (age 27 years) to a military dad and Korean mother in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Markiplier began his YouTube career in Cincinnati, Ohio. After receiving a tax refund in 2012, he decided to buy a camera, create a YouTube account and the rest is history.
He studied Biomedical engineering in college but decided to drop out so as to concentrate on his passion. Mark focuses on Let's Play gameplay commentary videos and Indie games.
Markiplier does vocals for the YouTube channel called LORE and is a board member of Red Giant Entertainment. He also offered vocals services for Super Smash Bros.

How Much Money Does Markiplier Make on YouTube 

Markiplier YouTube channel has grown rapidly since launch in May 2012. The channel has 15,770,000 subscribers and a total of over six billion views as of Christmas 2016.
The channel obtains an average of 200 million monthly views from across its 3,380 videos and gains at least 420,000 new subscribers every month. This translates to an estimated $2.7 million annual income.
It’s worth noting that after recording a few games plays for the channel, notably Dead Spin and Penumbra he lost his Google AdSense account due to violation of terms of service. He has since created a new channel called MarkiplierGAME.
MarkiplierGAME channel was listed on New Media Rockstars Top 100 Channels, ranking number 61 in 2014.
Fischbach has worked with youtubers Ryan Magee, the late Daniel Kyre and is said to be close friends with MissesMae.
Markiplier net worth is boosted by merchandise sales i.e t-shirts. As a philanthropist Mark Fischbach has helped raise over $900,000.
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