Kim Kardashian net worth - How Much is Kim Kardashian Worth?

Kim Kardashian net worth

Kim Kardashian net worth Overview 

Kim Kardashian is an American reality TV star, socialite, entrepreneur, and model. Her estimated net worth is $155 million.
Kim Kardashian came to the lime light through her friend and client Paris Hilton but gained overnight fame after her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J went viral in 2007.
Towards the end of the same year, Kim and her family starting a reality show named Keeping up with the Kardashians. It airs on E! tv.
Kim Kardashian’s net worth could drastically decrease if she does not return to work soon. Her hiatus is said to be costing her $1 million every month.
If you are wondering what this is about, Kim recently canceled all her upcoming business engagements, went silent on social media after she was attacked in Paris and lost jewelry worth over $10 million at gun point.
The jewelry included a diamond engagement ring worth $3.4 million from husband Kanye West.

How Much is Kim Kardashian Worth? 

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is big on social media. She has so far obtained 24.9 million facebook fans, 48.4 twitter followers and 85 million instagram followers.
Experts say she makes not less than $1 Million every month through her social postings alone. Kim has endorsed several brands on contract; this is also attributed to her large social media following.
She promotes perfumes like Glam, Khroma Beauty, True Reflection, Signature, Gold and Kim Kardashian.
Kim ventured into the tech space with her Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile app. In 2015 alone, the app made her $71.8 million. Kardashian also makes money from the Kimoji app, which is subscription based.


Kim Kardashian was ranked 33rd on the Forbes 100 celebrity list of 2015 and 42nd in 2016. She made $51 million pretax between june 201 and june 2016.
Money nation claims Kim has earned $348 million in her lifetime. Kardashian earned $146 million from merchandising and endorsements, $117 million from fragrances and $39 million from TV and movies.
One thing is for sure, Kim Kardashian generates her high net worth from her popularity.
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