Drake Net Worth : Started from the Bottom Now Drake is Here

Drake Net Worth

Drake Net Worth - $110 Million

Aubrey Drake Graham is a rapper, songwriter, singer, music producer and actor. Drake’s estimated net worth is $110 million.
Drake’s major source of income is his concert tours, album and music sales, investments as well as brand endorsements. Here’s an estimated breakdown of how all this contributed to his high net worth:

  • Concert tours raked in $109 million 
  • Brand and Product endorsements raked in $30 Million 
  • Drake’s YouTube earnings comes in at $30 Million. 
  • Album and music sales generated $24 million 
  • Investments contributed $10 million to his net worth. 

Drake’s net worth has increased abruptly in a very short time from about $1 million in 2009 to $110 million in 2016.
To increase his net worth, drake sells merchandise that includes t-shirts and caps from his own line. Earlier this year he tweeted a video of his OVO label store.

Concert Tours and Drake Net Worth 

I know you are asking yourself why concert tours are generating more income for him. Below is a sample of how much drake made from his tours.

  • Drake earned $15.3 million from the Away from home tour in 2010. 
  • Club Paradise generated $36.2 million in 2012. 
  • Drake made $35.9 million from the Would You Like A tour in 2013. 
  • Drake also made $21.25 million from the Summer Sixteen Tour. 

Album, Music Sales and Drake Net Worth 

Drake and rihanna
Album and music sales always come last in major pop stars source of income, drake’s isn’t any different.
Drake has made an estimated $23 million from album and music sales. He has sold 10 million albums and 70 million singles.

  • Album sales contributed an estimated $12 million to his net worth. 
  • Music singles contributed an estimated $11 million to his net worth. 
  • We also estimate that drake has made over $1.7 million from the songs he has featured. 

Drake’s albums include Thank Me Later, Take Care, Nothing Was the Same, Views, We Are Young Money Compilation, So Far Gone EP, If You're Reading This It's Too Late Mix tape and What a Time to Be Alive Mix tape.

Started from the Bottom Now Drake is Here - DrakeVEVO YouTube Channel 

DrakeVEVO YouTube channel has over 6.8 million subscribers as of late December 2016.The channel has amassed 2,719,509,354 views on its 33 video uploads since launch in August 2009.
Drake net worth has been boosted by an estimated 17.3 million from the Vevo channel as well as 1.3 million from his personal YouTube channel. Started from the bottom is one of his biggest hits from the year 2013.

Endorsements and Drake Net Worth 

Drake’s second highest income earner is his endorsement deals. What’s in the public domain is that drake has signed contracts with Kodak, Sprite, Nike Jordan just to name but a few.
Even though figures are never made public, we estimate that endorsement deals contribute an estimated $30 million to drake net worth.
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