Tai Lopez Net Worth - Is Tai Lopez Successful Or A Scammer?

Tai Lopez Net Worth
Proof that Tai Lopez is Successful


Tai Lopez is an American Reality Star, successful adviser, consultant and investor. In 2017, Tai Lopez net worth is an estimated $7 million.
Lopez was born on April 11, 1980 in Los Angeles and has grown to be a guru selling infomercial products, which he claims can lead you to financial freedom and wealth. His most popular products are 67 steps and social media marketing agency programs. Lopez is a partner in over 25 successful multi-million companies.
Tai Lopez made his first appearance on television, when he featured on an episode in the first season of the reality show The Millionaire Matchmaker. He has a good enough following on social media sites i.e Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
Tai loves to travel around the globe and spends a lot of time reading to increase his knowledge. Some of his unsatisfied customers have claim he is scam, while others are happy with his teachings and have recommended the product.
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I came across Mr. Lopez’s podcast that used to generate a few thousand YouTube views before his content went viral.

Is Tai Lopez Successful Or A Scammer?

Tai Lopez 67 steps program
Tai Lopez Net Worth
Back then his 67 steps program to becoming a millionaire could have costed you $10. But now that he has become famous with lots of media attention, this has made his credibility to rise.
Tai Lopez is currently running expensive online coaching and in-person mentoring programs. Due to his high net worth, we can confirm he lives in the Hollywood Hills and owns a Maserati, Lamborghini and Ferrari.
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