How Much do YouTubers Make? Top Paid Youtubers and How Much they Earn

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Overview - How Much do YouTubers Make?

Have you been asking yourself, how much do YouTubers make? well, we have compiled a list of top paid Youtubers stars and how much they earn.
There has been steady growth in viewership as the 18-34 years demography continues to blossom on YouTube. With YouTube announcing a record four billion views daily, the billion-dollar question remains how much do YouTubers make?
Making videos that generate high traffic enables YouTubers to make more money. If a YouTuber makes a video that attracts 100,000 views, Youtube is likely to pay him at least $180. The amount the youtube will make depends on a few factors that we discuss below.

Top Paid Youtubers and How Much they Earn 

Top paid YouTubers all have one thing in common, they all started somewhere. A great philosopher once said, "started from the bottom now we're here".
How much youtubers earn depends on a number of factors. Here is a scenario that will help you to easily understand the revenue model.
After a Youtuber associates Google AdSense to his YouTube channel, he makes 68% of the ad revenue. This has been explained in detail in the Google AdSense Revenue Share model. YouTube charges advertisers when a viewer watches 30 seconds or more of the ad, and normally charges around $0.18 per view.
Detailed research has proven that on average about 15% of ad views are considered as “payable views” since many viewers skip ads.
To put this into context, if you have 1,000 views on your uploaded video and 15% of the viewers watched the ad, then you would have 150 paid views.
If Google charges $0.18 per view, then the advertisers will be charged a total of $27. As the content creator, you get 68% of that, which is around $18 per 1,000 views.
We list some of the top paid youtubers and how much they earn below:

Rosanna Pansino Net Worth: $4.7 Million

Rosanna pansino net worth
Rosanna Pansino was recently named one of YouTube’s top earners. With over 6.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, the 31-year-old is hosting the weekly series Nerdy Nummies.
Rosanna Pansino graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in 2007. Most of Pansino’s YouTube income comes from advertisements, which vary from AdSense ads to brand promotions incorporated into her video content.
Rosanna's channel began with just herself and a camera, but her entire family has since joined her and is actively involved in the production. In 2014, Rosanna’s dad appeared in on camera in one of the episodes of her YouTube series helping her bake Frozen cookies.
Rosanna Pansino never envisaged herself making it big as YouTube star; instead, she chased her childhood dream of becoming an actor. She landed a few small roles on shows like CSI, Parks and Recreation and Glee.
While hunting for Hollywood jobs, Pansino worked on her YouTube channel as a hobby. Her manager, Mike Lamond, a full-time YouTuber himself, encouraged her to use YouTube as a tool for practicing and sharpening her entertainment skills in front of a camera.

Roman Atwood Net Worth: $5.8 Million 

Roman Atwood Net Worth
Roman Atwood is one of YouTube’s most famed pranksters, best known for his hidden camera pranks in public places. Launched in 2009, his youtube channel has grown tremendously to over 9.8 million subscribers as of November 2016 making him one of the top paid youtubers.
Roman has another youtube channel that equals his original channel with over 9.8 million subscribers as of late 2016, accumulating over 2.9 billion views across its 1077 videos.
RomanAtwoodVlogs channel is all about his life and family. the subscriber growth rate has been phenomenal at an average of 15,000 new subscribers daily.
Roman has had mega endorsement deals with top brands like Nissan.

UberHaxorNova Net Worth: $6.4 Million 

UberHaxorNova net worth
UberHaxorNova youtube channel is run by James Weiner Wilson. Born on June 1, 1990 (age 26) in the U.S.A, James Weiner is a YouTube commentator and an American Short Award Finalist known for his unfitting gags and raging as well as being a jerk.
UberHaxorNova was a member of TheCreatureHub, a group of commentators known to play various games together until recently when he shifted his focus to his new gaming channel CowChop with friend Aleks of ImmortalHD.
UberHaxorNova youtube channel has overtime gained over 3 million subscribers and 1.7 billion views across its 5230 videos. James Weiner got his hair and beard bleached in 2014 in a charity event to support a child.

Jenna Marbles Net Worth: $6.8 Million

jenna marbles and boyfriend  Julien Solomita
Jenna Marble's youtube channel is run by Jenna Mourey, a new Yorker born September 1986 (Age 30 years). Big on Youtube and other social media sites, Jenna talks about different topics in a comical way filled with sex appeal and commentary.
Starting out in 2010 in a three bedroom apartment in Cambridge, Jenna has worked hard generating over 2 billion views and 16.6 million subscribers. The channel grows by an average of 3000 subscribers daily.
Jenna Marbles has been reluctant when it comes to product endorsement saying she takes advantage of the people watching her online. She has another channel named JennaMarblesVlogs where she video blogs about her personal life.
BluCollection Net Worth: $9 Million

DisneyCollectorBR Net Worth: $12.8 Million

DisneyCollectorBR Net Worth
DisneyCollectorBR YouTube channel is run by a lady who shows off toys as collector items. Just like Ryan Toys review, she covers a wide range of toys.
DisneyCollectorBR is said to be a sister channel of BluCollection. In both channels, we don’t get to see the presenters’ faces, only their hands.
Speculations suggest that the two-channel owners could be a married couple. A lesson I have learned from this channel is to never throw away my toys, they are valuable.
Yogscast Net Worth: $10.8 Million

Smosh Net Worth: $16.4 Million

smosh net worth
Smosh YouTube channel is owned by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. They are a comedy duo whose original project was based on flash animations. Some of their viral videos include “Dick Jokes With Mom” and “Extreme Ass Slapping".
Started in 2005, their channel has more than 22.4 million subscribers, accumulation over 4 billion views across its 788 videos. The duo has a habit of releasing a new video every Friday and bonus videos appearing on a secondary channel.

PewDiePie Net Worth: $32 Million

pewdiepie net worth
PewDiePie whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg has amassed a staggering 13.7 billion views and 49 Million subscribers. He was born in October 24, 1989 (age 27 years),
If you asked a stranger on the street today who Felix Kjellberg is you likely will get a negative response. Ask about PewDiePie, his YouTube name and you might get a few more positive responses.
PewDiePie YouTube channel is the most subscribed channel on after overtaking smosh in 2013. The swede was named by forbes first on the top paid youtubers of 2015 list with advertising willing to pay top penny to have their products featured on his videos.
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