The Main Actor Of "The Gods Must Be Crazy" Was Only Paid $300

Nǃxau ǂToma - The Main Actor of The Movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy
Nǃxau ǂToma - The Main Actor of The Movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy"
The main actor of "The Gods Must Be Crazy" was only paid $300, even though the popular 1980 movie generated over 60 million dollars.
Yes, it is a fact, the film unpredictably became the top grossing foreign film in 1980 and the lead actor N!xau Toma won international fame for the same.
Nǃxau ǂToma represented a sincere Bushman with an unashamed smile who discovers a Coca-Cola bottle thrown out of an aircraft, and seeing it as an alien thing, he sets off into a comedy of errors.
According to the South African director of the film who first discovered the actor, Jamie Uys, N!xau did not know the value of paper money, and he let his first $300 wages blow away.
Before being cast in the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy, N!xau only had minimal exposure to modern life and did not grasp the real value of money.
However, by the time sequel movie The Gods Must Be Crazy II was being shot in 1989 he had understood the value of money, and demanded more than a few hundred thousand dollars before assenting to be recast in the film.
Nǃxau maintained that the money was needed to build a cinder-block house with electricity and a water pump for his family comprising of 3 wives and their children.
After his big screen career faded, in 2000, the Namibian newspaper reported that N!xau returned to his home area living in a newly built brick house where he tended his cattle and became a farmer growing maize, pumpkins and beans.
N!xau Toma was later found dead in June 2003 near his home in Namibia after he purportedly went out to collect wood. It’s believed he was 59, and the exact cause of his death unknown. He had suffered from tuberculosis in the past.
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