SHOCK As Cat Is Diagnosed with 'HIV'

A cat has been diagnosed with a virulent disease the same as HIV/AIDS in human beings.

The cat was diagnosed by pathologists from Lancet Laboratories Kenya when the owner observed the pet exhibited gradual loss of weight and lack of energy.

According to Dr. Dhaval Shah, the pet was found to possess Feline immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) that is that theversion of HIV in cats. Dr Shah, WHO examined the pet, said that FIV causes the cat version of AIDS by degrading their immune system,making them prone to a number of expedient diseases. The medical specialist indicated that the virus can't be transmitted to humans.

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“Humans can't be infected by FIV, nor can cats be infected by HIV. This discovery ought to prompt cat lovers to guard their cats from exposure to the virus by keeping them in the house and reducing contact with free-roaming cats that tend to be carriers the virus.

Shah expressed that "the virus spreads between cats through bites during fights thus cat lovers ought to be watchful against aggressive or free-roaming cats".
The diagnosis is the initial in Kenya and also the pathologists have urged cat lovers to be keen to identify out for symptoms like fever, weight loss, lymph gland enlargement, loss of weight, diarrhoea among others.

The virus similar to HIV has no cure.