FORBES : Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid athlete in the world at $88 million, including $32 million from endorsements

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo lands the top spot with earnings of $88 million. Its the 1st year since 2001 somebody besides Mayweather or Tiger Woods ranked first. it's harder than ever to crack and be among top one hundred with the cutoff up $2 million to $20.8 million. San Francisco Giants catcherBuster Posey landed at No. 100.
ronaldo forbes highest paid athlete

Forbes' list of world's highest-paid athletes 
1Cristiano RonaldoFootballPortugal Portugal$88 million$56 million$32 million
2Lionel MessiFootballArgentina Argentina$81.4 million$53.4 million$28 million
3LeBron JamesBasketballUnited States United States$77.2 million$23.2 million$54 million
4Roger FedererTennisSwitzerland Switzerland$67.8 million$7.8 million$60 million
5Kevin DurantBasketballUnited States United States$56.2 million$20.2 million$36 million
6Novak DjokovicTennisSerbia Serbia$55.8 million$21.8 million$34 million
7Cam NewtonAmerican footballUnited States United States$53.1 million$41.1 million$12 million
8Phil MickelsonGolfUnited States United States$52.9 million$2.9 million$50 million
9Jordan SpiethGolfUnited States United States$52.8 million$20.8 million$32 million
10Kobe BryantBasketballUnited States United States$50 million$25 million$25 million
11Lewis HamiltonFormula 1England England$46 million$42 million$4 million
12Tiger WoodsGolfUnited States United States$45.3 million$0.3 million$45 million
13Eli ManningAmerican footballUnited States United States$45 million$37 million$8 million
14Joe FlaccoAmerican footballUnited States United States$44.5 million$44 million$0.5 million
15Tom BradyAmerican footballUnited States United States$44.1 million$36.1 million$8 million
16Floyd MayweatherBoxingUnited States United States$44 million$32 million$12 million
17Rory McIlroyGolfNorthern Ireland Northern Ireland$42.6 million$7.6 million$35 million
18Russell WilsonAmerican footballUnited States United States$41.8 million$31.8 million$10 million
19Sebastian VettelFormula 1Germany Germany$41 million$40 million$1 million
20Philip RiversAmerican footballUnited States United States$38 million$37.5 million$0.5 million
21Rafael NadalTennisSpain Spain$37.5 million$5.5 million$32 million
21NeymarFootballBrazil Brazil$37.5 million$14.5 million$23 million
23Zlatan IbrahimovićFootballSweden Sweden$37.4 million$30.4 million$7 million
24Fernando AlonsoFormula 1Spain Spain$36.5 million$35 million$1.5 million
25Gareth BaleFootballWales Wales$35.9 million$24.9 million$11 million
26Marcell DareusAmerican footballUnited States United States$35.2 million$35.1 million$0.1 million
27Peyton ManningAmerican footballUnited States United States$34.2 million$19.2 million$15 million
28Derrick RoseBasketballUnited States United States$34.1 million$20.1 million$14 million
29Kei NishikoriTennisJapan Japan$33.5 million$3.5 million$30 million
30A.J. GreenAmerican footballUnited States United States$33.3 million$32.8 million$0.5 million
31James HardenBasketballUnited States United States$32.8 million$15.8 million$17 million
32Usain BoltTrack and fieldJamaica Jamaica$32.5 million$2.5 million$30 million
33Clayton KershawBaseballUnited States United States$32 million$31.2 million$0.8 million
33Dwyane WadeBasketballUnited States United States$32 million$20 million$12 million
35Drew BreesAmerican footballUnited States United States$31 million$19 million$12 million
36Carmelo AnthonyBasketballUnited States United States$30.9 million$22.9 million$8 million
37Chris PaulBasketballUnited States United States$30 million$21.5 million$8.5 million
38Cliff LeeBaseballUnited States United States$29.3 million$29.2 million$0.1 million
39Olivier VernonAmerican footballUnited States United States$29 million$28.8 million$0.2 million
40Serena WilliamsTennisUnited States United States$28.9 million$8.9 million$20 million
41Justin VerlanderBaseballUnited States United States$28.6 million$28 million$0.6 million
42Kyrie IrvingBasketballUnited States United States$27.6 million$16.6 million$11 million
43Julio JonesAmerican footballUnited States United States$27.2 million$26 million$1.2 million
44Luke KuechlyAmerican footballUnited States United States$27.1 million$26.1 million$1 million
45Robinson CanóBaseballDominican Republic Dominican Republic$27 million$24 million$3 million
46Dwight HowardBasketballUnited States United States$26.9 million$22.4 million$4.5 million
47Miguel CabreraBaseballVenezuela Venezuela$26.6 million$24.1 million$2.5 million
48Albert PujolsBaseballDominican Republic Dominican Republic$26.3 million$24.3 million$2 million
49Blake GriffinBasketballUnited States United States$26.1 million$18.1 million$8 million
49Wayne RooneyFootballEngland England$26.1 million$20.1 million$6 million