This French Farmer Trained His Bees To Make Honey From Weed ( Marijuana ) – See How

The French farmer has self-medicated with cannabis since a terribly early age and he defines himself as somebodythat's enthusiastic about nature and coaching all types of animals.
Both of these factors have LED him to pay years researching procedures of mixing the properties of the plant and also the insects that he dedicated his life to.
The result is “cannahoney”, a delicious nectar that has not gone unnoticed by anyone and that has had to confront the restrictive laws of his country. He is called Nicolas, although he is referred to as Nicolas Trainerbees, a nickname that is not a mere coincidence.
french farmer

He has been using it for the past two decades because of his love for animals and the time he’s spent with them, especially insects, and above all, bees.
He observes them, and according to him (although without revealing his tactics), he trains them so that they behave as he desires.
“I have trained bees to do several things, such as collect sugar from fruits, instead of using flowers”. In addition to beers, he has also worked with tarantulas, lizards and ants because, as he explains, he has “been passionate towards nature since childhood".
This has led him to learn learning about the kingdom of animal biology, entomology, cannabis growing, improving all sorts of plants and everything associated with the kingdom of bees.
french farmer

For a while now he has been training bees to manufacture “cannahoney”, the name he decided to give to his peculiar cannabis honey. However, he modestly says that he has not created honey, “but rather a training technique whereby the bees collect the organic compound and use it in the beehive”. After all, the final substance is that thesole work of the tiny insects. How did a bee farmer decide that his bees ought to get nectar from cannabis? foremost, due to personal experience. Nicolas has been hyperactive since the age of seven, and that in conjunction with an educative system system that labelled him as “unsuitable”, soon LED him to leave school.
At a young age he discovered that the plant helped him to channel the problem and, therefore, “I began consuming before the age of 10”, he states.
Years later, many folks that fathom his skills raising and coaching bees began to ask him why he wouldn't begin applying them to the kingdom of cannabis, and get the insects produce a form of honey with the cannabis plants.
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He had realised that, by uniting the properties of both things, and if the animals managed to use the resin properly, he would obtain a nice result: “For a while I had a good understanding of concerning the health advantages of bee products like honey, propolis, pollen, wax and royal jelly and also concerning the advantages of cannabis”, and so he made the decision to to require notice of the requests.